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Newly Added Features

15/02/2021 Share function for all

Content sharing without login is now available on all MyDrive accounts. Share content easily with your friends.

08/12/2020 Advanced functions for sharing

Advanced features for sharing content without logging into MyDrive. You can now adjust the permissions on the shared folder.

15/07/2019 Copy Files & Folders

You can now copy files and folders directly within MyDrive.

27/06/2019 Drag & Drop Upload

Files and whole folders can be uploaded by drag & drop

18/06/2019 Video thumbnails

Videos are now also displayed with a thumbnail.

16/06/2019 Easier operation

The presentation of the data in the web browser has been simplified and provided with new icons.

07/05/2019 WebDAV Integration

Integration via WebDAV is now faster and more stable.

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