News of MyDrive

14/12/2021 New function recycle bin

A "recycle bin" is now available on MyDrive. All deleted data will be moved to the Recycle Bin and can be easily recovered from there. All the data you delete in the Recycle Bin is permanently deleted.

24/11/2021 MyDrive Sync Version 2.1

With the new version of MyDrive Sync, some improvements have been implemented. Now you can also select the sync direction for each folder.

08/11/2021 New "Share without login" also with the MyDrive App

The Share without Login feature is now available on mobile devices with the new MyDrive app version 7.5.

05/11/2021 MyDrive Sync for MAC and Linux

MyDrive Sync is now also available for MAC OS and Linux. Synchronize everything you want to your computer. Fully automatic and fast.

25/10/2021 New MyDrive App for iOS and Android

The MyDrive App has been completely redesigned and now presents itself in a new look. Simple and fast. Requires: Apple iOS 11.0 or newer. Android 8.1 or newer.

21/10/2021 New version of the MyDrive Client available

With the new version 1.4 the error "Network Error" was fixed.

27/09/2021 New: MyDrive Sync

With "MyDrive Sync" you synchronize everything you want to your computer. Fully automatic and fast. Data backup - it couldn't be easier.

14/06/2021 New function of the media player on the smartphone

A swipe to the left, a swipe to the right - the MyDrive media player for smartphones now also has these gestures. This has made the MyDrive media player even easier to use on smartphones and tablets.

10/06/2021 MyDrive folder with individual colors

Make the folder overview easier. You can now assign an individual color to each folder on MyDrive. This makes the folder overview very personal and clear.

06/06/2021 New file limits

The file limit per folder has been massively increased. Now you can create up to 20'000 files or subfolders in a single folder. The free account has a limit of 10'000 files or subfolders.

27/04/2021 Full-width logo

Make MyDrive even more personal with your logo or a photo across the full width of the screen in the header.

09/03/2021 Custom colors

Now you can freely design the colors of MyDrive according to your wishes or choose a design template.

15/02/2021 Share function for all

Content sharing without login is now available on all MyDrive accounts. Share content easily with your friends.

08/12/2020 Advanced functions for sharing

Advanced features for sharing content without logging into MyDrive. You can now adjust the permissions on the shared folder.

15/07/2019 Copy Files & Folders

You can now copy files and folders directly within MyDrive.