About MyDrive

What functions does MyDrive offer?

  • Basic features:
    • Simple file and folder management, with list / icon / gallery views
    • Flexible upload with support for multiple files and entire directory structures
    • Download multiple files and folders as a ZIP file
    • View images, audio and video files directly in your browser
    • Share your files using custom users, manage permissions on a per-folder basis
    • Use WebDAV to connect your MyDrive storage as a local hard drive
  • Advanced features with a subscription:
    • Order additional space and users
    • Full history of all actions from the last 3 months
    • Use your own logo

How secure is MyDrive?

As a user you profit from the fact that all servers run in our modern data centers. Using the latest technologies your files are protected from outside threats:

  • Multiple, redundant web servers for maximum availability
  • Multiple, redundant storage servers for maximum data security
  • Your files are backed up multiple times per day
  • Secure connection through 256-bit SSL encryption
  • 24/7 server monitoring

What can I use MyDrive for?

  • MyDrive as sharing platform
    • Share your pictures and videos with friends and family
  • MyDrive as collaboration platform
    • Use MyDrive as a central storage for your documents
    • Quickly exchange ideas over the Internet
  • MyDrive as online backup
    • Always have an external copy of your important files, in case something goes wrong with your computer